Civil Partnership

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 came into force on the 5th of December 2005. The Act allows same-sex couples to register as civil partners. Once a civil partnership has been registered the couple have virtually the same rights as a married couple have. The Act also gives some additional legal protection for same-sex individuals who do not register as civil partners.

mhd’s Family Team have been advising and providing education on the Act for some time. Members of the Family Team have lectured for the Law Society of Scotland UPDATE conference on the Act, written for the Law Society of Scotland Journal, and have been consulted by the media in relation to the Act.

mhd’s Family Team have extensive experience of acting for LGBT individuals and are knowledgeable about the particular legal issues that affect gay clients, including in relation to child law issues, separation and property law issues. The Family Team can advise people thinking of registering their partnership about the legal consequences for them and will be able to advise on dissolution, which is based on divorce; an area in which mhd’s Family Team are already acknowledged experts.

For more information on the Civil Partnership Act contact Sarah Erskine.

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