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Share dividends, pension income, rental income, salary, trust income, there are so many different sources of income that sometimes it is difficult to keep track of everything. In addition where shares are owned, dividends and interest payments happen at infrequent intervals and sometimes additional income and capital reorganisations take place. Sometimes companies change names and/or issue new certificates and it is easy to miss whether the old share certificates remain valid or have been superseded. Most of the time folk can juggle all these things and keep an eye on everything.

Increasingly, however, we are finding that clients like the idea of an overview and reassurance that everything is in order. If you have shareholdings or other market investments we can if you wish, register your holdings in our nominee company which will mean that all the paperwork from the Registrars will come to us as opposed to you (your postman might be very grateful!). We can arrange collection of dividends and other sources of income and transfer an agreed amount to your bank account or arrange delivery of cash to you as regularly as you need. We can also assess whether you might be entitled to benefits such as attendance allowance or carers allowance, or if already in receipt of these, that you are being paid at the correct level.

The reassurance in all of this is that all sources of income are monitored and known to be correct whilst adequate income is received as often as is necessary. We will also have all your income details and vouched paperwork for self assessment tax returns which we can prepare on your behalf.

For advice on all aspects of private client work contact Kieran Fitzpatrick or Donald Skinner-Reid.

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