It is more and more common now for people to acquire reasonable and substantial wealth either through property increases, exposure to stockmarket investment, inheritances and higher salaries than at almost any time in the past.

It is imperative that an individual’s wealth is wisely invested to reflect that person’s investment objective and to reflect also the attitude to investment risk. There are numerous investment options available and these depend on whether one is seeking income or capital or a mixture of both and how much risk one is prepared to take. In our information on inheritance tax planning strategies we mentioned that there were numerous strategies which would be filtered down to the needs of the individual. The same applies with investment strategies.

We are authorised to provide incidental financial advice. We are independent and can therefore look at the full spectrum of the investment market. We can guide you and will guide you to making a sensible decision based on your clear and well thought out parameters. We have years of experience providing this service – at the last review we oversaw the investment of funds totalling £14 million.

For advice on all aspects of private client work contact Kieran Fitzpatrick or Donald Skinner-Reid.

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