Cost of our services

Cost of our services

At MHD we seek to charge a fair price for the work we undertake. We strive to provide the highest possible service in a friendly but professional manner. The cost of engaging us will reflect the amount of time involved and take account of the complexity of the situation. We will where you would prefer submit our file to external law accounts who will set a fair fee. As a guidance we charge an hourly rate between £175 and £225 per hour depending on the type and complexity of work.

However as a general guide typical fees for popular types of work are as follows:-

Single Will Ranging from £100 to £150
Mirror Wills £175 to £250
Single Power of Attorney £125 to £175
Mirror Power of Attorney £200 to £300
Administration of Estate Ranging from 1% to 3% of the value of the estate
Guardianship Hourly rate of £175 but if there is a welfare element
to the application civil legal aid may be available
Simplified Divorce Approximately £250
Divorce under Ordinary Proceedings approximately £800
Separation Agreement approximately £600
Pre-nuptial Agreement approximately £600
Commercial transactions acting for landlord ranging from £900 to £1,100
acting for tenant ranging from £1,000 to £1,200
Residential transactions:-
Purchase price up to £100,000 £950
£150,000 £995
£200,000 £1,100
£300,000 £1,300
£500,000 1,600
£1,000,000 ranging from £1,750 to £2,150
over £1,000,000 TBC
Sale price up to £100,000 £750
£150,000 £850
£200,000 £950
£300,000 £1,100
£500,000 £1,600
£1,000,000 ranging from £1,750 to £1,950
over £1,000,000 TBC

Estate Agency ranging from 0.85 to 1.25% of sale price.

All figures mentioned above are subject to VAT currently at 20% and outlays to third parties which will depend on the type and value of the particular transaction. Whilst we hope these figures are of some assistance, please note we would much prefer to speak with you to understand your situation at which time we will be happy to give you a personalised quotation, which would be a much better guide for you.

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